PinFolio MINI

PinFolio MINI “For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart"~Hercules
Here at GoPinPro, we try to cater to all of your pin trading needs, whether it be a place to store your keepers, a place to display your pins, a place to effectively trade your pins, or a place to do a little of all three.
One of our newest designs helps add even more ways to trade/store/display!
We are super excited to announce the PinFolio Mini! This book is great for the casual pin trader, you can store it in backpacks, purses, and even pockets!
It can comfortably hold 18 pins (normal trading pins not jumbo pins 😄) so you can store those hidden Mickey sets you've been searching for, or those duplicate mystery box pins you're trading!

Size:  6 inch diameter

Orange Bird
Classic Black