PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages


Stick 'N'Go Pages

Be PINspired with our revolutionary pin trading Stick'N'Go PinFolio Pages.

  • Black pages come with 3 pages and 3 divider pages per pack. 
  • Color pages come with 3 pages and 3 divider pages per pack. 
  • Rainbow Page Pack comes with 8 pages (variety of colors may not include colors pictured, but will include 9 different colors)  and dividers per pack.

Each page is 12" x 9.5" by .2 inches.

Each page allows for pins to be inserted on each side! Double sided!

Three-ring holes for additional PInFolioPro SHOW & PinFolio Show'N'Stow pages.

We use our revolutionary self-healing material so you can stick pins in time and time again!

As you can see from the picture, around 85 hidden Mickey pins can fit on each side - (depending on the size of pins) that's 170 per page.


Remember, if it's not GoPinPro, just say NO!

Rainbow - 9 colors
Dark Blue
Tiffy Blue
Seasonal Limited Edition Pages
Light Blue

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Smith
GoPinPro Stick N Go Pages

This isn't the first time I've purchased the stick n go pages from GoPinPro and it won't be the last.

These pages are truly worth the price! They make organizing, carrying and trading your collection super easy and hold up well.

The soft material is easy on pinbacks and removing pins to reposition or trade is super easy. They easily fit in large 3-ring binders. I tend to use zippered binders with a strap because once you load the pages with pins, they can become bulky and heavy.

They do have a very strong plastic type smell when you first open them, which can be a bit overwhelming at first, but that does go away on its own once they are exposed to some air out of their wrapping.

I definitely would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great way to store their collection or have easy access to their pins for trade.

A Few Anecdotes

I love that the stick 'n go keep the pins in place (unless there's a heavy pin unbalanced with one post). I ordered them in white and my only small complaints are that they smell like mothballs and one of the pages had a small split on the inside edge (like there are two outer layers that veneer a core).


I absolutely love these! I was running out of space for my collection--aka dragon's hoard--of pins. These pages have saved my space and sanity! I loved the first set so much, that I had to buy a second to fit the remainder of my collection!

Patricia Lee

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages

Cynthia Brower (disney_addict)

Wow!! It's like a giant pin back. So easy to use, I simply cannot get enough of the whole product line! I have fellow pin traders that I cannot wait to show. Once you have one, your "pinned" to this product.