Harry Potter Pins "Magical Pins Managed" Pin Organizer

Harry Potter Pins "Magical Pins Managed" Pin Organizer

Artwork by Kim Petty @Heremeow

PinFolio by GoPinPro @GoPinPro

Store your Harry Potter pin collection safely in this beautifully appointed, sparkly gold magical elements surrounding a majestic white owl soaring over a crimson diamond titled "Magical Pins Managed" PinFolio.


3 Sizes to Choose From -

1.  PinFolio Classic - fits around 25-50 2 inch pins - BONUS Pin!  Specially designed by Kim Petty Exclusive to GoPinPro Limited Edition Holiday Pygmy Puff!  Choose "Classic With Pin"  https://youtu.be/IH6QpQ1PUcQ

2.  PinFolio Maxx - fits around 50-100 2 inch pins  https://youtu.be/sRzdXkA5I4g

3.  PinFolio Pro - fits around 250-500 plus 2 inch pins https://youtu.be/12OM3NKZ4So