PinFolio Glow Light Kit


Shine your light with PinFolio Glow

There is no limit to how radiant you can be with PinFolio GLOW light kit!!

Color light kit contains color LED light strips, Bluetooth adaptor, and adhesive. 

Add another element of fun with color-changing lights.                                                Sync your lights to music and watch your pin display lights dance to the beat and change colors with the easy to use app on your phone.  *These functions are only available with a color light kit

White Light Kit contains: white light strip and adhesive

Kit contains everything you will need to create your PinFolio GLOW!  Simply cut to fit PinFolio of your choice. You will need is a portable USB battery.  (*We use ours with fuel rods)

 **PinFolios sold separately, phone not included, USB battery not included


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