Sports Team PinFolio MAXX SHOW

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Get your team ready for pin trading with PinFolio®. Pin trading is just one of the many highlights you and your ball players will experience throughout the week. Pins create a memory that will stick out for years to come

Pin trading is a big deal for youth baseball teams. It's a great way to show team spirit and sportsmanship. There's nothing quite like the excitement of trading with other teams during a tournament. But it can be hard to keep track of all of those special pins! That's why we created PinFolios: they're designed to make pin-trading easy, convenient, and safer! 

PinFolios are an awesome accessory for any player or coach, whether you're headed to the next tournament or looking for a way to display your pins.  With PinFolios, your pins will never get misplaced again!

PinFolio® MAXX SHOW  Benefits Include:

⚾️ Baseball Mom & Coach approved

⚾️ Clear display with Stick’N’Go® surface & separate zipper closure to display & SHOW off your pins

⚾️ 2 interior Stick'N'Go surfaces 

⚾️ Fits up to 90 2 inch pins.

⚾️ Eliminates the need for pin backs while trading (simply push pin in Stick'N'Go surface 

⚾️ Safer way to pin trade.  No more fumbling with pin backs and poking yourself.  Pins pop right in!! 

⚾️ Sleek design with dual Stick'N'Go inserts to attach pins

⚾️ Divider to separate traders from "keepers” and prevent scuffs, dents, and scratches

⚾️ Zipper to secure PinFolio closed Easily glides into backpacks or other bags 

⚾️ Saves precious trading time.

⚾️ Professional approach to pin trading

⚾️ Enhances overall pin trading experience 

⚾️ Keeps pins organized!

⚾️ Detachable Shoulder strap may be used as crossbody strap

Product dimensions:

Length: 12.65”

Width: 10.45 "

Thickness: 1.3

Fits up to 90 2 inch pins

* Pins not included, shown for demonstration purposes only.

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Customer Reviews

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Monica Alcocer

Love the size! Fits more than enough pins. Window is nice for displaying your favorites ones