PinFolio Mystery Grab Bag

A surprise collection of PinFolio products! The mystery is you won’t know which products are included until you receive your purchase but trust us… it’s worth it! Each Mystery Bag has an assortment of products valued at $70 or more, depending on the value you select.
Up to 40% off Retail Value Included!!
Mystery Bags will contain a surprise collection of PinFolio products, pins, stickers, including items from a mix of products, and/or exclusive items that
may no longer be available on the site for sale. *There is no guarantee that you
will get a specific product. 

* Total amount includes the cost of product and shipping.

Not valid with coupons, discounts, or other offers. 

*No exchanges or refunds allowed on any Mystery Bags. Items in Mystery Bag may differ from products viewed in the product image.*


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Absolutely love it! Was trying to get more storage for all my Disney pins without caring about the colors, and this was perfect!

Great for New Pin Trader!

I jumped into pin trading head first and quickly needed better storage. Not only did I purchase some of the sheets but I also got a mystery bag and it was amazing. I am having a hard time not buying more! I was so excited to receive a folio that I could take in the parks and a purse to wear that was even neutral colors! It was black and goes with everything! 10/10.. I love this company so much and can’t wait to show off their products in Disney World!

This was the best I love my backpacks I have 5 all with the safe ‘n’ sleeves on all m!!

This was the best I love my backpacks I have 5 y pages! I got new pages I’ve never tried and pink pages I love

Jacobie H
So worth it!!!

I got everything I wanted in this mystery bag! I completely think it's worth the buy!! I now have something to keep my collection in, for my boyfriend to keep his collection in, 2 things for our trip to disneyworld for trading, and a beautiful pin!! 150 spent well.

Geoffrey Christoph
PinFolio Mystery Grab Bag

Amazing value for the price paid!