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PinFolio Mini SHOW
Very practical and looks great

This little pin holder is fantastic for casual pin trading in the parks, fits in your backpack or hand bag

Best Pin Storage Ever

My only regret is that I didn't find out about PinFolio products sooner!! These Stick'N'Go pages are a GAME CHANGER!!! You will LOVE organizing your pins when you use PinFolio products!!! The colors are so awesome to customize and match your collection. I am placing another order now! Thank you for coming up with the perfect solution for holding and displaying pins.

Great fit

Very snug secure fit. I know everything is definitely staying put and protected. The vinyl/ plastic is nice and thick.

Excellent pin storage

So much storage space! It’s awesome! I don’t even know what to put on the third page because I was able to fit so many pins on the first two!

Mystery Pack

I got the $50 mystery pack and it was so worth it! I got some great products that are being put to good use and even somethings Idid not know they sell that I love!

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages
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Great product

Awesome quality. Would definitely buy again.

Great for Travel & Great Value for the amount of pins it holds!

GoPinPro has done it again!
I am so pleased with this PinFolio Elite. It holds so many pins and the pins remain secured and safe. I use this for my high end pins on cards and there is NO better way to store pins. Also, as if it wasn't already great, 2 of the PinFolio Elites fit amazing into my carry-on with extra room on the side. Many of us travel to pin trading events, so this is the book you need! I can't say enough good things about this pin storage system.

PinFolio Pro Show
Libby Wilbur
Amazing for pin storage!

I bought this to put all pins in an organized manner for packing and this fit all my 150+ pins with plenty of room to grow!! I love it and it’s very sturdy and safe for pins!

Great pin

Nice size pin!

PinFolio Classic
Gill Sanchez
Great product

Product deliverd was as described. My pin stay firmly in the binder and are protected. Wull definitely be buying more.

Better than I imagined

I’ve had a lot of pinfolio products of all different sizes and I love all of them. I knew I’d get something good in a mystery bundle but I was blown away when I opened mine and it had multiple bags and other goodies. This was such a cool thing to get and I’m looking forward to using all of them for trading or storing my growing collection.

Great pin

Cute pin. It’s for a great cause, which is a plus! Thanks!

PinFolio Mini SHOW
Brianna Veysey

PinFolio Mini SHOW

PinFolio Maxx Show
Debbie Flinn
Outstanding Idea

I absolutely love this Pin Case! Amazing concept, well made and I especially love that it is made locally!

Great pin holder!

I bought this after watching a live show and have been amazed at how true it is that the pins do stay when you shake it. Very worth the price for all pin collectors.

Harry Potter Pins "Magical Pins Managed" Pin Organizer

It's amazing

PinFolio Classic
Kimberly Kiser

I about love this! I can get my pins in and out so easy. Love that it has a protector sheet in between. Love the color of my pinfolio. Everyone who collects pins needs one of these.

PinFolio SHOW
Ydalise Jacob
Best way to store your pins!

I love my Pinfolio Show. It’s adorable, practical, and a safe way for me to store and display my pins!

PinFolio Classic
Elizabeth Eccles-Ambrose
Excellent pin book!

I love all my Gopinpro books! I think the foam could be just a tiny bit thicker in the books, I have to be gentle pushing the pins in. If you push too hard, they poke out just a bit out the other side. But other than that, they are amazing books! I have the Maxx, Maxx show, some pinfolio shows, and some classics, and I just ordered the minis! They are very convenient for trading and good for carrying around. They hold the pins tight and are a great option for a pin book!

Great Pin Book!

This is a great place to keep your pins! As a pin creator I like to take my work with me to show potential customers. This book is perfect for that! I love it! It’s my pin portfolio.

GoPinPro Disney mystery pin eggs
Jordan Kortenhoven
Outstanding Service

I had a major hiccup with the post office in Florida for this last order, but when I contacted GPP, they had already taken care it! I am amazed by that level of service. Would give ten stars if possible.

PinFolio Mini SHOW
Natalie LeBlanc

PinFolio Mini SHOW

PinFolio Pro Show
Troy Barrett
Great product

I love this bag its so amazing. It holds my collection with such easy. I highly recommend these products to anyone who is really into pin collecting and/or trading!!

PinFolio Maxx Show
Frank Eckert
Just the thing an avid pin trader needs when Disneyland re-opens

Hesitated for a long time on picking these up, boy what a silly thing for me to do. I'm super excited to get back to the parks and start trading out of these, will make it much easier for me and my fellow traders!!

Awesome Surprise Mystery pins

We had so much fun opening the mystery pins! The pins were so cute and we wanted to keep them all! They are authentic Disney pins, so even if we didn't love every single pin, they would be perfect for trading!! I am so happy with my purchase! They are a great deal, too!!! Thanks for bringing the magic to us!!