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PinFolio® Classic
Alicia Stansbery

PinFolio® Classic

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages
Jessica Whitney

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages

GoPinPro Pin Popper
glen broussard
What a great little tool!

I love this thing!

Perfect for trading

These are so perfect for bringing traders to the parks. Easily fits 6 regular sized pins. Colors are cute and the price is super reasonable! Highly recommend!

It’s perfect!!

I recently purchased a Pinfolio Maxx Show and it’s perfect for all my park needs. Being the maxx size, I have room for so many pins! I love that you get 3 sheets - 2 inside the Pinfolio and 1 on the front with a clear zip up covering to “show” off your favorite pins! This will make park trading experience on boards, with guests and Cast Members so much better!

Thanks again!

“Magical Adventures” on Youtube

Awesome ME Pin
Jordan Kortenhoven
Just Right!

The item is exactly what I ordered, and fits in perfectly with all of the pins in the mini collection I’m building. Will definitely take a look at other pins in the shop collection.

Works great!

Lives up to the name of itty bitty. but it is also pocket sized (for big pockets) which works for me. Really Happy with them!

Just as nice as the regular stick and go pages

Good value pack of stick and go pages. Would buy again.

Itty Bitty Mini PinFolio Stick'N'Go Board (set of 5)

Itty Bitty Mini PinFolio Stick'N'Go Board

Wish the sizing was perfect to fit in the small square pin portfolio. It would allow to add an extra level of pins to be added if needed. Works great to display or take photos of pins. Enjoying having the products.

A nifty PinFolio

We already know GoPinPro provides superb quality. What I like about this size is that is bigger than something you might throw in your bag but not so big that you don’t feel like carrying it around if need be.

Please bring this back

I would love to see this back so I can buy some!


Everything they sell I WANT !!! I buy at least 50 pieces of something every month !!! No words for how great their products are . Gold standard tools for the Elite Disney Pin Collector !!! Anything you buy , you will be sooooo happy you did

Tiny board, big love

Absolutely love these boards. Don't have to worry about pins falling out and a perfect size for a mini backpack.

Pin Popper

Tired of breaking nails when removing pins of boards, pinfolios, or even pin backs, and mickey backs? Well this tool changed all that for me! This little device makes it soooo easy to remove pins from pin books, boards, pinfolios, stick n go pages, pinfolio boards. Simply just slide the popper behind ur pin and gently lift……. And POP your pin is saftey removed with no bent backs etc!! Highley reccomend these little guys!!!

GoPinPro Pin Popper
Julianne White
The Pin Popper is Perfect

I LOVE this little tool. It is so easy to get my pins off my PinFolio boards. My fingers no longer hurt and my nails are safe from breaking them.

This is a must have for any pin collector!

I had to reorganize my pin collection and the GoPinPro Pin Popper made it so much easier! It's the equivalent of the Lego Brick Separator except it's for pins.

They're perfect

I originally was only using the binder pages with the separators that they came with but I was still getting some scratches from friction on my pins because I like to look at them in my binders a lot and was causing a lot of friction over time. With these, it's perfect as they're extra protected and I no longer have to worry about minor scratches (especially on the acrylic pins) or fingerprints getting on them!

2x2 board

The pin board functions perfectly, wish they was other sizes and a framing system.

Pin boards

I LOVE these pin boards for so many reasons. Durability, really pretty colors, easy to store, holds pins securely, removing pins is easy (even easier if you use their new pin popper!).


The pinfolio pages make pin trading and storage so much easier and fun , they keep the pins secure and safe and make it very easy to find what you're looking for

Fantastic way to store and display pins

I'd started to amass a small pin collection and stumbled on the PinFolio when looking for a storage solution. Glad I ordered one, the stick n go pages work really well and I love the display window on front!

PinFolio ELITE
Robbyn Liesching
PinFolio Elite

Love my pinfolios! The Elite is awesome! I refer everyone to the Pinfolio- best way to store pins

Love the size! Fits more than enough pins. Window is nice for displaying your favorites ones

Holographic sticker

It's very cute! My daughter loves it and displayed it in the front pocket of her new pinfolio.