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So so so perfect!

You have to be a pin collector to know how amazing this board is. The size is HUGE because let’s face it, we all have a ton of pins. When you take a pin out, there aren’t holes and you don’t have to worry about broken posts like some cork boards. These are the only pin boards I will ever buy again.

PinFolio Maxx
Kelsey O’Shea
They’re great.

Love the stick n go technology, I can’t get enough of it. Super easy and fast. Also compact

Fantastic product just like all the others (I own more than 10)

These cases are a game changer for pin trading (and storage)! No backs!! I own many of the GoPinPro products and all are great I originally purchased for my son with fine motor issues so he could trade independently and did not need mom and dad to organize his pins with the backs. They make pin trading much more fun and remove the most annoying part (the backs). The clear front was great for him to show his favorites or traders without needing to open the case. Highly recommend!! Super fast shipping and great customer service!

Mystery grab bag

Excellent value and most of the products received were just what I wanted.
Had hoped a sample of some newer products would have been included


Extremely disappointed in what I received

The product I’ve been waiting for!

When I first discovered PinFolio I was very intrigued, my only hesitation then was as a pin collector (not trader) I was looking for something with more storage than their classic design. I was thrilled to discover the 5-page version that includes the stick-and-go pages! I appreciate the design of this bag with plenty of space, an inside pouch to store all of my pin backs, the cloth-covered pages to hide the holes, and the protective sheets between each page to prevent the pin faces from knocking directly against each other! This is honestly everything I could have asked for in a pin bag— thank you!

Best Pin Bag Ever!!!

I was so excited when I saw GoPinPro had come out with a backpack. It has lived up to everything I expected and more!! I have quite a large pin trading collection, and this bag holds them all perfectly! I know they won’t fall out and are well protected. I can’t wait to take it on my next trip to the parks, it’s going to make things so much easier! I 100% recommend getting one if you are an avid pin trader or collector!!!

Excellent Product!

The Mini Show is the perfect size for my traders. Can't wait to use it on my next Disney trip!

Pinfolio Show Imperfect

it honestly looked really good for being an imperfect pinfolio, didn’t have any trouble with anything!

Mini Show Silver and Blue Cinderella Style!

PinFolio SHOW Factory Imperfect

Great Idea

This is a wonderful idea for pin collectors with limited display areas. Keeps pins organized and safe from damage. Mobility allows you to share collection with others. Great idea!

Definitely worth the money

I didn't know what I was supposed to get, so I ordered the mystergy bag and it was so good. Although I would prefer ONE classic pin folio instead of a hipster and pinfolio mini, overall it is very satisfying. The girls are so helpful when you have a question too. I will definitely buy it again :)

The Best Case Ever

I loved getting the imperfect case as I am a very easy pin trader to please. The case works like a dream and the sticky zipper resides on my show section. I am in love and about to buy another right now. If yours has a small stain I recommend buying patches or painting a cute design over it. For instance, I am painting a repunzel sun on my case.


The product was expensive but surpassed my expectations in quality. The sheets for pins were good quality and stuck really well too! although the smell was lingering and the plastic separators was a bit short overall it was a good purchase and will buy from again. Delivery was in a timely manner and packaged well too.

Great product!

The GoPinPro is wonderful. My only suggestion would be to make the plastic sheets between the pages a little longer.

Great, Just One Issue

I would give this five-stars if it was not for the fact of the products smell. I have had it for over a week and it still has this powerful smell. It smells very chemically or musty. It has been giving me migraines when I pull it out. Okay, despite the smell, this product is great. The size is a good size. The pins I put in place are tight and not loose. They are actually hard to remove without slipping something under them - this is a good thing! I was able to remove and replace how I like. Would recommend.

Awesome Grab Bags

I got both the $30 and $50 grab bags. I got a hipster and a round mini in the $30 then a hipster, pink pin display purse and a green regular pinfolio show in the $50. Two items had barely noticeable differences like a slight misaligned center sheet or a untrimmed thread but they were all fantastic quality for the price. I got exactly the things I needed to store and travel with my pins plus some things to give as gifts. I'd definitely buy another grab bag when I get more pins to store or trade.

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages

PinFolio SHOW
Just what I needed!

This pin folio is perfect for collecting pins and for travel. I just started collecting Disney pins with my daughter and we both have this case (she has the max). Customer service is top notch!

My first Stick'N'Go order!

The Stick 'N' Go pages are a great product. My only concern is that the product omits an unusual odor. I don't know if this is relates to my order only, or if it's noticeable on all orders.

PinFolio Mini SHOW
Jaquim Velazquez
Pin storage is great, netting…

I love the pin store with the right placing you can put a good amount 2-3 lanyards, but I wish the netting was stronger I put the rubber parts in the back they aren’t bulky but the net ripped by putting it in and out of my backpack

Great Product

Great for the kids. My daughter loves her mini backpacks and wearing that and a lanyard in the florida heat starts to give the kids a rash by the end of the week. The mini folio is perfect for her to put in the bag and have all she needs to trade away!

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages
Evelyn Castillo
Great but not perfect

I love these pages for storing my pins. The only flaw is they are a little bigger than standard 3-ring binders, so the pages stick out at the top and bottom of the binder.