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PinFolio GO
Nicole G
Love this!!

Perfect for pin trading in the parks!!

PinFolio Mini SHOW

Love it

I love this case! It is a must buy! It displays your pins wonderfully and holds really snug.

"A Family SHOW" Bundle
Esther DuBois
Highly recommended!!

The family bundle is phenomenal especially for the price!!! Great and easy way to store your portable if you want to attend trading events or trade at the parks!!

Exactly what I needed

I had all my pins just in bags still. So glad I bought this. Now everything is organized and it holds so many pins

Great book for a starter book!

I grabbed this one because I had heard great things about their products. This one will be great for taking just enough pins to share or trade on the go! Only one zipper sticks a bit, but nothing too bad. Great way to jump into their products!

PinFolio® Classic
Andreas Soedharto
Got replaced

I recently purchased this item and unfortunately, the zipper broke. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the customer service provided by gopinpro. They quickly shipped a replacement item at no cost to me.


A little smelly but otherwise they work great. Hold a lot of pins.


GoPinPro's products are the best on the market! Fabulous colors, super easy to pull pins on/off but still holds them secure on the boards! You won't be disappointed!

I love this product so much! It’s the perfect size for me and it helps keep my pins organized! Thanks, again! :)

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages
Wilma Stephenson
Stick n go pages

Order came quickly and it was great. I love the stick n go pages because you don't have to fight with keeping the backs on each pin. You just stick your pin on the page and you are ready to go. Great idea we love it

I am very glad I found your website. This is the second time I have ordered. The pages do a great job of displaying my pins and I love the functionality of using both sides and the ability to move the pins around without leaving huge holes.

Fits great in 3 ring binder

My pins pop on the grey boards and fit perfectly in my 3 ring binder. I used both sides of the board and can fit 3 front/back sleeves comfortably in a 3in binder.

PinFolio® Classic
Lewis Petersen Jr
2nd one

I have just started pin trading and have already had to buy a 2nd folio.. Might have to upgrade to a Elite.


I am absolutely obsessed with the pinfolio stick n go pages!! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get them! Cannot wait to buy more!!!

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages
Danielle Uzarski

PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages

A pin trading MUST!!!

If you want to pin trade with ease and know that your pins are quickly accessible and safe, then the Pinfolio family show bundle is a MUST HAVE for you!! These innovative products keep your pins in portfolios that are attractive, functional and affordable. You can focus on trading your pins without worrying that you have dropped, damaged or lost your pins. A must have for pin lovers of all ages.

Great even for big pins!

I just started collecting, and so far I have large pins (2-3 inches across), and I’ve had no issues at all. Will definitely be returning for more as my collection grows. Thanks!!

StickNGo Pages

Love these! They are perfect for storing my collections in binders!

PinFolio® Classic
Lewis Petersen Jr
New to the pin trade

So I am just starting out in pin trading and this thing is great. I already had tp purchase a 2nd one.!

PinFolio® Maxx
Samantha Remaly
Holds a lot of pins

I love that it is easy to rearrange pins that are traders. Love that it is light weight and does not put a strain on your neck like pin bags that are heavy because of a lot of pins that are for trading

Imperfect? Not to me!

I ordered an imperfect PinFolio Show and besides the zipper being a bit sticky, this product is PERFECT! I love GoPinPro’s products! They are innovative, insanely convenient and allow me to showcase my Disney Pin Collection like never before!

PinFolio Mini SHOW
Audre Hardin


PinFolio Pro Show
Jodi Darnell
Love it!

Such a good product to organize my pin collection.

Awesome pin bag!

I just love the quality and construction of this bag! The pages are awesome! It is different from the Pro Show in that you cannot add to, take out or rearrange the inside pages, but the fabric on the inside pages, the number of pages, and the size and the set up of this bag really appealed to me and works perfect for my treasured Disney pin collection! My best friend has the Pro Show and I would highly recommend both. Just look at the different features to determine what works best for you.