PinFolio® Classic

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Introducing the PinFolio™ - the ultimate accessory that will change the way you trade, display, and store your enamel pin collection, including Disney pins, baseball pins, and Cooperstown pins. Here are some of its features and benefits that make it the must-have accessory for enamel pin collectors and traders:

  • Solves the age-old problem of managing enamel pins while trading, displaying, and storing
  • Unique Stick'N'Go technology keeps all your pins in one place and allows for easy rearrangement and organization
  • Eliminates the need for pin backs while trading - simply push pins into Stick'N'Go surfaces
  • Sleek design Stick'N'Go inserts make it easy to attach your pins
  • Divider separates traders from "keepers" and prevents scuffs, dents, and scratches
  • Detachable shoulder strap can be used as a crossbody strap for added convenience
  • Zipper keeps PinFolio closed and secure
  • Holds up to 100 1 inch pins, making it the perfect accessory for collectors of all levels
  • Easily glides into backpacks or other bags, making it ideal for long days spent at the parks
  • Saves precious park time and enhances your overall pin trading experience
  • Designed by three junior pin pros who saw the need for a more efficient way to pin trade
  • Pins not included, shown for demonstration purposes only
  • Product dimensions (opened): Length: 10 ¾ inches, Width: 14 ½ inches, Thickness: 3/8 inches

The PinFolio™ is the ultimate accessory for enamel pin collectors and traders, including Disney pin collectors, baseball pin enthusiasts, and Cooperstown pin traders. Say goodbye to fumbling through books, losing precious pins, or struggling with lanyards. With PinFolio™, you'll experience a professional approach to pin trading and enhance your overall pin trading experience.

Don't settle for an ordinary pin display or trading accessory when you can have the PinFolio™ - designed by pin traders for pin traders! Order now and be a Pin Trading Pro with PinFolio™!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Aidan Kelleher

I am using this to store my “it’s a small world” collection! Can’t wait to get a smaller bag to bring into the parks or a big book.

Shaniece Ellis
Love it !

My boyfriend was so happy this Christmas. It was easy to put the pins and design it how he wanted to. He realized that he really needed because he couldn’t tell how many pins he already had.

PinFolio Classic is a lot smaller than I thought

I thought it be a bit bigger, but as I'm starting out with collecting pins, the compact size is good enough for starting out. When I start running out of room then atleast then I know I should upgrade. However for the classic to be of said size its quite sturdy and holds the pins securely and easy enough to slide onto a bookshelf if you have space for it somewhere.

Defective items.

Defective items, the inside boards are upside down so the logos aren't were there suppose to be. Would have sent back but I needed it for a present.


I needed something bigger to carry my traders to the upcoming pin event at BGT