New Redesigned PinFolio Stick'N'Go Front Boards


Transform the way you display your pin collection with the all-new PinFolio Stick'N'Go Boards!

Our redesigned boards boast a sleeker and lighter design, making them convenient to carry around. With a double-sided feature, you can showcase your pins on both sides of the board, giving you endless display options. Thanks to our Stick'N'Go technology, you can now quickly and easily push your pins into the board without the need for pin backs.

Our interchangeable front boards are available in a variety of colors to match your pin collections, eliminating the hassle of switching pins every time. Each package comes with 2 boards, measuring 10.5" x 13", providing ample space to display your favorite pins. Plus, our Rainbow Pack includes 6 color front boards, allowing you to mix and match as per your preference. (Colors may vary from Rainbow pack shown)


• New, sleeker design

• Lightweight for added convenience

• Double-sided for more pin display options

• Stick'N'Go technology for easy pin display

• No pin backs needed - easy to use

• Interchangeable front boards to match your pin collections

• Variety of colors available

• Measures 10.5" x 13"

• 2 boards per package

• Rainbow Pack available, including 6 color front boards
May be used on its own or  interchangeable front boards for PinFolio Pro Show asks PinFolio Show'N'Stow. Also available are Stick'N'Go front board pouches.
Get ready to display your Disney Pin Collection or any other pins with flair and ease using our PinFolio Stick'N'Go Boards!

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Customer Reviews

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Michayla Daley-Dolloff
Perfect for me

I love the new, less pervasive design. It really helps my pins shine!