PinFolio Safe'N'Go Front Boards Zippered Pouch


Introducing PinFolio Safe'N'Go Zippered Pouch: The Perfect Storage Solution for Your PinFolio Stick'N'Go Boards & Mini Boards

Designed to be used with Stick'N'Go Boards, PinFolio Safe'N'Go Zippered Pouch is the ultimate storage solution for your lapel pin collection

Keep Your Lapel Pins Safe and Secure
PinFolio Safe'N'Go Zippered Pouch provides exceptional protection for your lapel pins. The high-quality clear plastic material ensures that your pins are safe from scratches and other types of damage, while the zippered closure keeps your pins securely in place. The pouch is also durable and long-lasting, so you can be sure that your pins will remain in pristine condition.

Customizable Pin Storage
PinFolio Safe'N'Go Zippered Pouch features customizable pin storage, allowing you to organize your lapel pins according to your preference. The pouch is designed to be used with Stick'N'Go Boards, which can be easily inserted into the pouch to create a custom pin display. The boards are removable and rearrangeable, making it easy for you to showcase your pins in any order you choose.

Convenient and Easy to Use
PinFolio Safe'N'Go Zippered Pouch is designed with convenience in mind. The pouch is easy to carry and store, so you can take your lapel pins with you wherever you go. The clear plastic material also allows you to easily see your pins, so you can quickly and easily find the one you're looking for.

**Pins and Board not included. Shown for demonstration purposes only.

  • Lapel pin storage
  • Stick'N'Go Boards
  • Customizable pin display
  • Clear plastic pouch
  • Protective lapel pin storage
  • Durable pin holder
  • Long-lasting pin protection
  • Zippered pin pouch
  • Convenient lapel pin storage
  • Easy-to-use pin holder

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Karolyn Lofgren

PinFolio Safe'N'Go Front Boards Zippered Pouch

Yvonne Nielson

PinFolio Safe'N'Go Front Boards Zippered Pouch