PinFolio Pro Window


Introducing the PinFolio Pro Window - the ultimate pin organization and display tool for collectors and enthusiasts.


• Five double-sided pages with Stick'N'Go technology, allowing you to easily display your pins without the need for pin backs

• Dividers to protect your pins from scratching

• Interior pockets for additional storage

• Large exterior zipper compartment for even more storage space

• Two handles for easy carrying, along with a shoulder strap for added convenience

• Sleek design saves space and allows you to easily transport and display your collection

• Window feature with Stick'N'Go board allows you to showcase your favorite pins

• Ability to switch out Stick'N'Go boards allows for endless customization and versatility

With the PinFolio Pro Window, you'll be able to easily display and transport your pin collection with ease. The Stick'N'Go technology allows you to easily switch out your pins without the hassle of pin backs, and the dividers and pockets provide protection and additional storage space.

The window feature with Stick'N'Go board is the perfect addition for showcasing your favorite pins, and the sleek design saves space and makes it easy to carry around. Enjoy our two popular pin bags best features, the space from the pro, combined with the window feature & ability to switch out Stick'N'Go boards in the Pro show mashes the perfect pin book!

Don't miss out on this must-have pin book for any pin enthusiast!

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome pin bag!

I just love the quality and construction of this bag! The pages are awesome! It is different from the Pro Show in that you cannot add to, take out or rearrange the inside pages, but the fabric on the inside pages, the number of pages, and the size and the set up of this bag really appealed to me and works perfect for my treasured Disney pin collection! My best friend has the Pro Show and I would highly recommend both. Just look at the different features to determine what works best for you.