PinFolio Pro Window


Introducing the PinFolio Pro Window - the ultimate pin organization and display tool for collectors and enthusiasts.


• Five double-sided pages with Stick'N'Go technology, allowing you to easily display your pins without the need for pin backs

• Dividers to protect your pins from scratching

• Interior pockets for additional storage

• Large exterior zipper compartment for even more storage space

• Two handles for easy carrying, along with a shoulder strap for added convenience

• Sleek design saves space and allows you to easily transport and display your collection

• Window feature with Stick'N'Go board allows you to showcase your favorite pins

• Ability to switch out Stick'N'Go boards allows for endless customization and versatility

With the PinFolio Pro Window, you'll be able to easily display and transport your pin collection with ease. The Stick'N'Go technology allows you to easily switch out your pins without the hassle of pin backs, and the dividers and pockets provide protection and additional storage space.

The window feature with Stick'N'Go board is the perfect addition for showcasing your favorite pins, and the sleek design saves space and makes it easy to carry around. Enjoy the space from the PinFolio Pro combined with the window feature and ability to switch out Stick'N'Go boards. This pin book is perfect for any pin enthusiast, whether you collect Disney pins, Olympic pins, Hard Rock pins, baseball pins, or any other type of pin.

Key Benefits:

• Convenient and efficient pin organization

• Protects your pins from scratches and damage

• Allows you to easily switch out your pins without pin backs

• Provides ample storage space for your pin collection

• Window feature with Stick'N'Go board allows you to showcase your favorite pins

• Ability to switch out Stick'N'Go boards for endless customization and versatility


L 14"

W 11.5"

H 3"

(*Pins not included, shown for display purposes only)

Don't miss out on this must-have pin book for any pin enthusiast! Get the PinFolio Pro Window and take your pin trading game to the next level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mrs. Zacman
Cooperstown Approved

I bought this for Cooperstown baseball pin trading. This stood up to a week in the bunks with 12 year olds, and all the heavy pins that were acquired. The pin boards are sturdier than the felt sheets the Cooperstown pin bags offer. The best part was the window, which showcased all the rare pins that were a hot commodity. My son got many compliments. He loved the ease of adding pins to his board, trading, displaying his treasures from the week, and found it easier to carry around then the towels most other kids had. After coming home, he placed it proudly on his trophy shelf. I would recommend this to any parent thinking about buying this for their all star baseball player.

Angie Arnett
Not fantastic!

I originally ordered a colored on but when I received it, it was discolored. Customer service was quick to respond and replace it upon return of the discolored one. The new one came quickly and I was excited! I looked it over and everything appeared to be good other than a strong odor of rubber. I then started to fill the first page with pins and quickly realized that the clear protector pages were all crooked! This means that the pins on one edge aren't protected. It is like this with most the pages and I was very disappointed. I have not reached out to the company about this because their policy is "unused" returns only. I will reach out and let them know because these are very costly for something like this.

Great product!!!

Excellent pinfolio, lot of space. Received without a scratch. I’d definitely purchase it again. Thanks!


Just like the pro show that I have it displays really well and I like the space it has!

Timothy Fister
Fantastic products

All the products are amazing