PinFolio Stick'N'Go Pages



Stick 'N'Go Pages

Be PINspired with our revolutionary pin trading Stick'N'Go PinFolio Pages.

  • Black pages come with 3 pages and 3 divider pages per pack. 
  • Color pages come with 3 pages and 3 divider pages per pack. 
  • Rainbow Page Pack comes with 9 pages (variety of colors may not include colors pictured, but will include 9 different colors)  and dividers per pack.

Each page is 12" x 9.5" by .2 inches.

Each page allows for pins to be inserted on each side! Double sided!

Three-ring holes for additional PInFolioPro SHOW & PinFolio Show'N'Stow pages.

We use our revolutionary self-healing material so you can stick pins in time and time again!

As you can see from the picture, around 85 hidden Mickey pins can fit on each side - (depending on the size of pins) that's 170 per page.


Remember, if it's not GoPinPro, just say NO!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Brandon Rahhal
Not as advertised

I ordered the pages because the ChatBot on the website assured me that they would fit inside the PinFolio Classic binder, the smaller profile one. They do not, not even close.

Amanda Brunner
Love the order!

I love everything I ordered. Fast shipping too!


Thank you! I’m so excited to use them!

Debra Sherry
Great product

We love our new pin stick and go pages! Plus each of us were able to get our favorite color due to the large selection available!

Yvonne Nielson
PinFolio purchase

Great boards.