PinFolio® Maxx Show


Introducing PinFolio® Maxx SHOW - the ultimate pin trading accessory that combines functionality with style. Whether you're an avid pin collector, a trader, or simply looking for a convenient way to display your pins, PinFolio Maxx SHOW is perfect for you.

With its Stick'N'Go® technology, there's no need for pin backs, so you can easily trade and rearrange your pins without the risk of losing them. The PinFolio Maxx SHOW has all the benefits of the classic PinFolio Maxx, but with the added SHOW display capabilities, allowing you to show off your most prized pins with ease.

PinFolio Maxx SHOW Benefits:

  • Dual Stick'N'Go® inserts to attach pins
  • Sleek design
  • Divider to separate traders from "keepers" and prevent scuffs, dents, and scratches
  • Zipper to secure PinFolio closed
  • Easily glides into backpacks or other bags frequently carried on long days spent at the parks
  • Saves precious park time
  • Professional approach to pin trading
  • Enhances overall pin trading experience for you and cast members alike

In addition to its unique features, the PinFolio Maxx SHOW boasts a spacious capacity that fits up to 90 2-inch pins. Its dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 12.65"
  • Width: 10.45"
  • Thickness: 1.3"

The PinFolio Maxx SHOW is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to take with you on the go. Plus, with its removable and adjustable strap, you can wear it comfortably as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

Created by pin trading experts, PinFolio Maxx SHOW is a registered trademark of Zeuthina Inc. It's perfect for Disney pin collectors, baseball pin collectors, Olympic pin collectors, and more.

Please note that pins are not included, and any images shown are for demonstration purposes only.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Aimee Bell
Love my Pinfolio Maxx Show

Received my red, white & blue maxx show as I needed to expand my patriotic collection into a second book. I love that these are like a book and can be stored that way on a shelf. Love the front window to show off the cutest pin, plus a bonus have 3 total surfaces for pins. Product quality is fantastic. The order arrives quickly and appreciate the free shipping.

Excellent Customer Service!

I ordered 2 PinFolio Maxx Shows and one of them was faulty. I emailed customer service and sent pictures of the problem and they were so accomodating and helpful. I was able to mail that one back and they sent me another one. It was an easy exchange. The one they sent me is perfect and I absolutely love it for my pin collection! The size is just right for the amount of pins I currently have, and I love the material of the pin boards, they are sturdier than felt and foam but thicker than cork board. The pins stick very easily and look great. There is a clear plastic divider panel to protect the pins from scratching against each other. Will definitely be coming back for another one as I expand my collection!

Shyanna Rivera

Love the pin bag! No complaints about that but gosh the chemical smell is terrible, that smell that instantly turns your stomach and gives you a headache. I had to spray mine down with freebrezz and sit it out for days before the smell calmed down enough, it’s still there and will probably be there until it’s used more but it’s definitely not something to get used to.

Ibrahim Alramadan
PinFolio® Maxx Show

My 2014 dream just came true! Thanks so much!

Caleb Tidwell
Really good

For my personal collection the pin folio max show is perfect. This is my second and holds many, many pins. However, I have had a little trouble out of the zippers with this new pin folio.